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Compound Formula Section
Xenex Laboratories Inc. acquired the operations of a national pharmaceutical and essential oils packager in September 1995. The previous company ( Sel-Win Chemicals) had been operating in Western Canada for twenty years and Ontario for five years. MORE
Hydralyte is an oral rehydration solution which is scientifically formulated. It contains the correct balance of electrolytes and glucose required for rapid rehydration. MORE
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The ultimate penetrating & vanishing compounding cream.Want to combine effective dermal delivery of actives while ensuring high patient-acceptance and compliance? Are your patients complaining of unappealing and sticky topically compounded therapies? Click below to view more info
Developed by Dr. Joseph Gabriele and his team, DELIVRA is a natural, drug-free transdermal cream that delivers medication directly through the skin with pharmaceutical effectiveness. Click for more info or watch videos

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